2nd Strategic Committee Meeting

Activity: 2nd meeting of Strategic Planning Committee Date: August 4, 2018 Location: LEDeG Meeting Hall, Karzoo Participants: 8

Facilitator(s)/ Convenor
Dr Zahida Bano

  1. Objective: To discuss the course of action over the next three months
  2. Summary Agenda: August 4- Time Activity PiC 5:00 PM Welcome speech Dr Zahida Bano 5:10 PM Discussion on Master Plan Sunil 5:30 PM Role of Working Committee Dr Nordan Otzer 5:45 PM List of stakeholders Dr Zahida Bano 5:50 PM Quick-win project: presentation and discussion Rishav Paul 6:10 PM Video of Ted Talk: Enrique Penalosa
  3. Summary of Results:
    Role of Working of Committee:
     Nordan: How will the committee work? In three months, we will meet and understand development approaches of different towns/cities and see which approach is the best for Leh.
     LEDeG will call experts, like the Ex-Shimla Mayor and he will tell about Shimla Master Plan
     Gangtok also has a Master Plan, can visit Gangtok and understand their Master Plan
     At the end of three months, the committee would draft a document explaining which plan is the best. Then submit the document to CEC for approval and then launch it. Thereafter, the committee will do further research on it o Action points
     Understand the scope and nature of urbanization in Leh Town?
     Be ready with a list of stakeholders who can contribute in development of Leh Town
  4. Stakeholder listing:
     There should be different fields of stakeholders in the committee. The list the committee would not be sufficient and we need to have more number of stakeholders. So we request the committee to think more number of stakeholders and add more number of stakeholders for finalising the list.
     Some important stakeholders are missing from the list, so update it  Also keep in mind how to accommodate labourers who have huge effect on urbanisation
  5. Ted talk screened:
     A TedTalk video of Enrique Penalosa, former mayor of Bogota in Colombia was played for the participants
     A timeline should be set for the next meeting so that the experts could be invited – 20th August 2018
  6. Master Plan:
     Sunil-The Mandate of Master Plan lies with the Housing and Planning Development Department. If we want to prepare a statutory plan then we have to go through an authoritative master plan
     Sunil collected secondary information from the website. The J&K Development Act, 1970 has a provision for Master Plan for urban and local area planning in the state of J&K; Rules for preparing Master Plan outlaid in J&K Development Authority Rules 1976 and briefed the team regarding the same.
     Spalgon- Could not get information on Kargil as the homework for the Master Plan was done 3-4 years back. But he could meet with the Chief Town Planner and collect the information
     Spalgon: No district in J&K has a Master Plan. Although Kargil has a Master Plan it was because of the AMRUT scheme and not because of the Act
     Sunil: Is there any communication channel between Housing and Planning Town department get in touch with Leh Town Municipal committee?
     Spalgon: Till date, we have not got any letter from Housing and Planning Department/Chief Planning Officer and there is not communication that happens.
  7. Quick wins: Committee members
     Benefits of Quick-wins: it starts a process of thought and it help to get a clear idea before jumping into it
     Construct an amphitheatre inside the park and then merge it with the market. Road could be built at a later stage.
     Landscaping of Zangsti area: An activity area where kids can play and keep them engaged; explore more options
     Rishav: We need a week time to come up with more number of quick win ideas.
     The next meeting would be held after two-three weeks. Date for next meeting: Tentatively fixed on August 20, and guest would be Ex-Mayor Shimla