With the establishment of LEDeG as an NGO in the year 1983 an information resources centre was also established with an idea to inform local people about different appropriate technologies and environmental and social issues around the world. The said information centre was upgraded with time. Currently it has a huge collection of priceless books, literature and publications. LEDeG is thankful to those well wishers who donated lots of priceless books to the library. The Library is open to all book lovers and readers during all working days. LEDeG values intellectual engagement and diverse ideas, and therefore it plans to expand the library.

The Library has books on the following subjects:

  1. Buddhist literature, general books and arts.
  2. Tibetan history, culture and language.
  3. Himalayan region history, culture, art and travelogue.
  4. Ladakh History, language and culture.
  5. Human Resource Development.
  6. Education, food, Fiction, autobiographies and poetry.
  7. Agriculture and forestry.
  8. Economics, politics and sociology.
  9. Climate, Ecology and Environment.
  10. Appropriate technologies, biomass, solar and hydro power technologies.

Beside this it also has other books. Some reputed magazines and newspapers are also available in the Library for its readers.