IRMA students interning at LEDeG

Nine students of Institute of Rural Management Anand (IRMA) are currently doing a six-week internship at Ladakh Ecological Development Group (LEDeG). The students- Avi Anuj Jain, Diksha Aneja, Mukul Verma, Monanshu Shah, Priyanka Trivedi, Shruti Takalkhede, Hrishikesh Krishnskumar and Sujaya Kumara- came to Leh in second week of October and will return on 28th of November.

The students were in Leh for their Village Field Segment (VFS) training programme. Over these last six weeks they performed duties as assigned and also worked on field assignments based on their ability. The internship gave them a real world work experience. The students from IRMA worked in four villages in the Nubra valley for three weeks.

Shruti Takalkhede and Priyanka Trivedi worked in Tigger village and listed drinking water as one of the major challenges faced by the locals. Similarly, Diksha Aneja and Nikita Lalge, who worked in Panamik, observed problems related to lack of street lights, improper roads and adequate drinking water in winters. The team comprising Mukul Kumar, Hrishikesh Krishnakumar and Monanshu Shah listed lack of market for organic products at Tirisha village as one of the problems faced by the locals.

Meanwhile, Avi jain and Sujaya Kumara conducted research in Ayee village and found lack of opportunities for the locals even though the demand for organic products have increased in the last few years. The teams also completed surveys of their respective villages for the VFS.