Dedicated To Promote Ecological And Sustainable Development
Which Harmonizes With And Builds
On The Traditional Culture


We make our buildings and afterwards they make us.
They regulate the course of our lives

World Environment Day

We have forgotten how to be good guests, how to walk lightly on the earth as its other creatures do.

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Hubbali Exposure Tour
Operator Training
Municipal Workshop
Workshop for PHE workers
Municipalika 2018
Townhall meeting-Future of water in Leh
Talk Series Morup Namgyal
Third meeting of Strategic Planning Committee with Tikender Panwar
Talk Series Heritage Walk
First Steering Committee
2nd Strategic Committee Meeting
First strategic planning meeting
Senior Leadership Enhancement Programme
Talk Series Mipham Otsal
Rammed Earth Workshop
Talk Series Rigzin Spalgon
Changspa Street Redevelopment
Talk Series ALTOA, Hotel Association
World Environment Day
Talk Series Wangdan Shunu
Sustainable Mobility Changspa Street Activity Report
Design Charette Changspa Street
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