Get Involved

As a grassroots NGO, we need and appreciate your support. Here are two ways in which you can help out:

  1. By working with us as a volunteer or an intern, or as a full-time member on a project.
  2. By donating money. You can choose to the corpus, or to a particular project. To know more, get in touch with us.

Volunteering Opportunities

If you are looking for an enriching stint as a volunteer, to experience working at the grassroots, and to contribute valuable skills to a grassroots NGO, fill in the form below.We look at volunteers’ skills and time in two ways.

1. First, the volunteer-oriented approach is that if our ongoing projects/programs require certain skills or extra hands, we welcome volunteers to pitch in. If there are multiple projects going on, we do let volunteers choose. In this case, the volunteers work as part of the teams, with a project coordinator assigning tasks to the volunteer regularly.

2. Second, and the more LEDeG-centric approach is that we take in volunteers with specific knowledge and skills that we lack in the organization and ask them to help us with preparation of new proposals and programs, or even running skills-training for staff members (e.g. english speaking, basic computer skills etc.). In this case, although a staff member is assigned to provide the volunteer with as much local knowledge as possible, the volunteer is expected to take lead and come in with ideas and help shape the program etc. The staff member(s) provide(s) timely reviews in order to get in the from-the-ground perspective too.

Here is a list of FAQs that should answer most of your general queries regarding volunteering with LEDeG in Ladakh. If you still have unanswered questions, contact

We provide a short orientation program (a slideshow presentation) to help you understand the organization better. However we request you to read up our website beforehand.

Due to the time and resource involved in volunteer management, we cannot accept offers shorter than four weeks.

We would be happy to have volunteers with background in product design, document design,  knowledge of database, project proposal writing  etc.

e.g. Proposal writing skills, content writing and field work etc.
e.g. mid-September to end of October 2015


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