Watershed Developments

Watershed Management Programmes

Watershed management models have been declared to be a pragmatic solution to sustain integrated and holistic developments in mountainous regions of the world. The natural systems of mountains are heavily interconnected as well as fragile, and an unplanned intervention seldom leads to desired outcomes. Therefore, developmental programmes focusing on individual watersheds, mainly on its physical, biological and social components and utilising decentralisation processes, have been LEDeG watershed development team’s main approach.

LEDeG has been associated with the government for the implementation of watershed programmes from 1993 onwards and has worked in 12 villages of Nyoma block of Leh district. Promoting overall development of the villages and conserving their natural resources has been LEDeG’s priority.

From 1999-2005, LEDeG developed 149 hectare (2980 Canals) of waste land and planted 2,00,200 saplings of endangered species in the 12 watershed villages of Nyoma.

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