Improved Green Houses

Improved Green Houses are constructed to help small-scale marginalized farmers, who are dependent on agriculture as their sole livelihood. They are primarily used in the winter months to grow vegetables when vegetables cannot be grown in the open and supply of fresh vegetables from the Indian plains is difficult due to the heavy snowfall which makes road access impossible.


A cost-effective design is being propagated using new techniques so that it is suitable to the area. The design also takes into account proper ventilation and orientation. The Improved Green Houses (IGH) are primarily constructed out of readily available local materials, such as stone, brick and wood. They use solar energy to grow vegetable all year round, even in the peak of winter. The green house consists of a double wall filled with straw which acts like insulation on the three sides. The south-facing side is covered with a transparent, UV resistant poly-sheet for maximum infiltration of sunlight. The roof is made of local wood.

Photos of activity:

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