Project Location:
Rong area (Nyoma block of Leh district)

Funding Agency:
Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India

Total Budget:
3 crore 25 lakh

10-year (2004 to 2014)

LEDeG has associated with the government for the implementation of watershed development programmes since 1995, and started the programme in 12 villages of Kharu and Nyoma blocks (Rong area) of Leh district. The main objective of the program was to ensure holistic development of people and natural resources in the watershed belt. LEDEG has been designated as the Project Implementing Agency (PIA) by DRDA, Leh for the implementation of the Watershed Development Programme since 1995. As of now 12 Watershed development projects have successfully been completed and 14 new projects are under progress.


  • Construction of irrigation canal and water reservoir (zing) at Karey and Tarchit
  • Soil erosion protection, flood protection bund and compound walling (plantation) at Tukla and Tukla Phulak
  • Plantation of willow and poplar trees and alfa-alfa grass at Himnya
  • Compound walling and barbed fencing for pasture development at Skidmang and Kesar
  • Wasteland development through terrace field in Kumdok
  • Horticulture improvement (planting of apple trees) at Tiri, Karey, Tarchikt and Liktse
  • Livestock development (sheds for cattle, yak, cow, sheep) at Tiri, Mahey, Chumathang,
  • Compound walling and fencing for promotion of vegetable production through kitchen garden in all the project areas, except Mahey
  • Distribution of cow for dairy development in Tukla
  • Repair and renovation of irrigation canals (mayur) in the entire project area
  • Construction of irrigation canal (khul) for pasture development in Mahey, Kyungyam, Nee
  • Distribution of plant seedlings (willow and popular)
  • Formation of women SHGs for income generation; training provided on knitting, spinning, weaving, tie and dye, tailoring, felting and book keeping, exposure visit to Kargil and other blocks in Leh
  • Training on fruit processing (apricot jam) in Liktse