Youth Hostel ledeg campus

For a comfortable and eco-friendly stay while you are in Leh-Ladakh, the LEDeG’s “Ecology Hostel” is probably your best bet to experience a reduced carbon-footprint lifestyle.

Our Location

Home-cooked meals

The hostel is located in a quiet, serene and Eco-friendly environment where there is nothing to disturb the tranquility of life. Away from the commerce of the main bazaar, the hostel has an enviable location situated below the Shanti Stupa (spectacular view of the town), and 3 minutes’ walk from the Tisseru Stupa. At the same time, we are within 5-minutes’ walk of the numerous eateries/restaurants of the bustling Changspa area.

If you prefer to stay in and have a simple home-cooked meal, that can also be arranged at a nominal cost. We offer breakfast, lunch and dinner in the campus Mess, the food is healthy and of a simple, local style.

Breakfast: Usually fresh made local Ladakhi breads with apricot jam, butter and a tea.

Lunch and Dinner:  Rice, Dal, vegetables and chapati ‘OR’ locally made noodles OR other local foods.

Comfortable, shared rooms

All the rooms are solar-passively heated either by trombe walls or direct gain.

  1. Direct gain solar passive rooms: 3 to 4 person occupancy, Size: 3.7 meters X 2.9 meters
  2. Double wall single solar passive rooms: 2 persons occupancy, Size: 3.5 meters X 2.2 meters
  3. Dormitory: We also have a dormitory for each gender.

These are very modest rooms where we shall provide you with basic amenities like bed-sheets, a quilt, a blanket and a pillow. Besides these, things such as towels, soaps etc. have to be managed by the guest. 

Eco-friendly Solutions

All the toilets in the campus are local water-free, eco-friendly compost pit toilets, which are very hygienic in nature. At the beginning of spring, the compost from the toilets is cleaned out and shifted to the field to be used  as manure, thus maintaining the nutritional chain cycle.

There are four solar water heaters as well as common bath rooms in the campus for your daily washing and bathing, but we request that you be mindful and encourage minimal water use, as we depend on underground water.


Our campus is approx. 2.5km away from the main town. It is reachable by motorable road but there is no frequent local transportation modes available from campus to town. However, from the town to the campus you can get local taxis who will charge you Rs.100/-. We DO NOT provide local transportation facilities or pick-up or drop-off from the airport to the campus. There are pre-paid taxis available from the airport to our campus which will cost you Rs 250 to 300 /-. The address of the campus is ECOLOGY Hostel, below Shanti Stupa ( on the way to Stupa)

We don’t encourage smoking and drinking inside the campus.  

Our campus is designed as a model for ecological center where most of the basic needs are provided through renewable energy sources. Please feel free to join us and support our initiative!

For more information please call +91-1982 253221.

Alternatively, please enquire about availability at   with the date of your arrival and the length of your stay.