Swachhata hi seva 2018

Activity: Swachhata Hi Seva 2018- Cleanliness and Sanitation drive in Leh town Date: 29th September, 2018 Location: Leh Main Market Participants: Municipal Committee Leh, All Ladakh Tour Operators Association and 500+ audience

Facilitator: LEDeG

  1. Objective: To clean the streams flowing from Karzoo Pond up to the bridge near Hotel Yak Tail, and to highlight the importance of maintaining cleanliness and hygiene of the surroundings
  2. Summary Agenda: Time Activity PiC 10:00 AM-1:30 PM Cleanliness Drive LEDeG 3:30 PM Welcome Speech Tenzin Motup 3:40 PM Speech Dr Nordan Otzer 4:00 PM Song Rigzin 4:10 PM Speech Tsetan Angchuk, ALTOA 4:25 PM Skit Ladakh Film Society 4:40 PM Launch of bag and desludging truck LEDeG/ Blue Water Company 4:50 PM Dance performance Art in Motion 5:00 PM Song performance Stanzin 5:15 PM Speech by chief guest Moses Kunzang 5:30 PM Violin/ song performance Sonam Youdon/ Stanzin Sherap 5:40 PM Vote of thanks Tenzin Motup
  3. Summary of Results:
     Cleaning the streams along the Karzoo Pond up to the bridge near Hotel Yak Tail which are choked with polythene bags, plastic bottles, discarded clothes and garbage.
     Inauguration of the new desludging truck purchased by LEDeG and Blue Water Company
     Launch of an eco-friendly reusable and recyclable carry bag which could be used as a substitute for polythene and plastic carry bags
     Collective effort: ADC Moses Kunzang appealed to the public to get aboard to address the solid waste issues in Leh town. He also requested the NGOs in Leh to help the administration in keeping Leh clean. Dr Nordan Otzer also urged the public not to blame
  4. the government but also play a part in helping the government fight against sanitation issues.
     Steps to make Leh clean: ADC Moses kunzang shared that the administration has purchased Black Hole, a machine which is used to clear garbage dump, from Bengaluru which will be installed at Bomb Guard. Tsetan Angchuk, president, ALTOA, said they are carrying out cleanliness drives in sensitive areas of Ladakh to protect the fragile flora and fauna of the region.