Solar Energy Devices

Solar Water Pumping Systems

In the mountainous region of Ladakh, the most challenging task for any developmental agency is to provide water for domestic, industrial and irrigation use and to ensure sustainable drinking water supply to communities living in the most vulnerable patches. In remote villages, drinking water is generally fetched manually by the women who walk long distances on a rugged terrain adding to their misery. On the other hand, use of motorized diesel consuming machines for supplying drinking water increases air pollution.


Solar Water Pump

LEDeG, therefore, encourages the use of submersible and surface type solar pumping systems. In the case of submersible solar pumping systems, ground water can be extracted without the use of conventional sources of energy and in surface type water pumps, water can be raised against the gravitational gradient, using motorised pumps run by solar energy. Five of each type of solar pumping systems, were installed by LEDeG in Durbuk block of Leh district for community drinking-water purposes.

Solar Cookers and other Devices

Since its inception, LEDeG has been promoting the use of solar cookers, all across Ladakh. Two types of solar cookers, namely the Parabolic Dish Type and the Box Type solar cookers, have been disseminated by LEDeG. Parabolic solar cookers have been found to be efficient and convenient as compared to conventional box type cookers. A study has also indicated that a solar cooker can save wood equivalent up to two trees of 10 years of age.

From the year 2003 onwards, conscious efforts were made by LEDeG to promote solar cookers in fuel scarce regions of Ladakh, targeting the Changthang region of Durbuk block. As of now, 300 parabolic solar cookers and 80 box type solar cookers have been distributed in the remote villages of Durbuk block. In June 2007, another 420 box type solar cookers were distributed among the most needy and deserving in the region.

LEDeG has been providing house-holds in remote villages with solar home-lighting system which provides electricity in the evening. Till date, we have distributed over 1015 solar home-lighting systems and 1420 solar lanterns in Ladakh under the MNRE’s programme.

solar-cookers-01 solar-cookers-03
solar-parabolic-cookers-01 solar-parabolic-cookers-02


Other solar technologies include:

  • Solar Fruit Dryers
  • Solar parabolic cookers (SK-10, SK-14 and Scheffler)
  • Solar water heaters (evacuated type).
Solar water heater

Solar water heater


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