Solar Flour Mill

Concept and design note on Solar Flour Mill:

Now over the years weather pattern is changing incredibly at a very fast rate, ladakh is getting irregular rainfall and the glaciers are melting at a very high rate, we have to look for other sources to support the traditional way of living.

And this project is conceptualised and designed to support the traditional flour mill, by changing the driving source of the mill from water to solar.

Problem Description

  • Conventional grid powered flour mills have huge running cost
  • Power Grid is either not available in all parts or is highly irregular
  • Present day mills use concrete grinding wheels which has led to the depletion of flour nutrient quality
  • Due to scarcity of running water hydro-powered mills have become almost unfeasible

Proposed Solution

  • Solar powered flour mill combined with flywheel energy storage system
  • Replacement of conventional bearings with air bearings
  • Robust all weather SRM motor customized for energy storage

Air lubricated leading to low wear of the system