Improved Butter Churner

Changing whole milk to butter is a process of transforming a fat-in-water  emulsion – milk to a water-in-fat emulsion butter. Whole milk is a dilute emulsion of tiny fat globules surrounded by lipoprotein membranes that keep the fat globules separate from one another.

Butter is made from cream that has been separated from whole milk and then cooled; fat droplets clump more easily when hard rather than soft. However, making good butter also depends upon other factors, such as the fat content of the cream and its acidity.

The machine present in the market right now has limited functionality with two button system for forward and reverse direction of spin, and works on external battery, so LEDeG came up with a new machine which is automatic forward and reverse spin directions and is capable of working on solar as well as normal electric current. design modifications are going on at our A.T Workshop. soon it will be introduced in the local market.