Spanglung Sapi is a hamlet with a 15 nos of households, located at a side dale of Sapi valley. It is situated 78 km Away from district head quarter “Kargil” at an elevation of 3877 mtr. ASL. The peoples are mostly farmers, herders and Gref Labours. Located in structurally disadvantage area the hamlet is not yet connected to any source of energy. Apart from that the village has a good potential to harness electricity through micro hydro system, in addition favourable amount of spring water is available for 12 month power generation.

Upon the approach of Spanglung Villagers, Ladakh Ecological Development Group, took the initiative and proposed to construct a 10 KW Micro hydro Power unit, so that people of the hamlet could get accessed to the electricity for lighting, running of electric butter churner, spinning machine etc.

In absence of external funding, LEDeG managed to arrange 10 KW with all its accessories equipment from its own resources and transported to the beneficiaries. In the month of September- October 2013 it had installed the system with the support of villagers.

Based on LEDeG earlier experiences and learning the project is initiated on participatory approach by maximum involvement of stakeholders. A village electricity committee is formed and Operator was appointed for smoothed functioning of the system. A minimal tariff was fixed for future maintenance and restoration.


  1. Electrical and mechanical parts: provided by LEDeG (Including the transportation to site)
  2. Construction material of Power house, Forbay etc.: Provided by Villagers
  3. Power distribution and transmission line: Provided by PDD LAHDC, Kargil under Scheme RGGVY.
  4. Technical support, during installation and site survey: Provided by LEDeG Leh & Kargil
  5. Meson and Labours: Provided by Villagers.