Talk Series Wangdan Shunu

Activity Report Activity: Talk Series: Ongoing Development Projects in Leh Date: May 28, 2018 Location: LEDeG Office, Karzoo Participants: 47

Facilitator/moderator/speaker: P Wangdan Shunu, Lower Leh Councillor, LAHDC

  1. Objective: To throw light on the projects that have been undertaken by the government in Leh Town
  2. Summary Agenda: May 28- Time Activity PiC Remarks 5:30 PM Welcome speech Dr Nordan Otzer 5:45 PM Talk P Wangdan 6:10 PM Question & Answer Session 6:40 PM Thank you speech Tenzin Motup
  3. Summary of Results:
     Dr Nordan: The entire world is moving towards urban areas. Currently, 54% of people are living in urban areas
     The Liveable Leh Project is focused on Leh Town. People of people shifting from traditional towards flush toilets. Nitrates and other chemicals found in water samples from Leh Town
     LEDeG trying to bridge the gap between stakeholders and the general public
     P Wangdan: Cannot inform the public in advance about the initiation of development work.
     LAHDC prepared a DPR in 2002 for sewage pipeline but funds received a decade later in 2014.
     The season to do work in Leh is short. If same project had taken place in another state it would have finished faster.
     Is inclusive sustainable development taking place in Leh?
     P Wangdan raised three important points during the talk:
    1. Even though the general public has to suffer due to the ongoing construction work undertaken by the government, they must understand it is for the betterment of the people of Ladakh.
    2. There should be a vision document so that inclusive sustainable development could be introduced in Leh
  4. The decision-makers for the development of Leh are sitting in Delhi who know nothing about the climate, terrain and geographical limitations of Leh. Therefore, their plans are not feasible for Leh.
     People are using bore-wells and groundwater level is receding and not fit for drinking. We should think about sustainable development
     Wangdan: I am thankful to LEDeG, CDD, EU and BORDA for the Liveable Leh Project.
     Chhering Norphel came up with the concept of artificial glacier. Now more coming forth with such concepts.
     We must think about conserving our natural resources
     LEDeG could be the bridge between the LAHDC and people of Ladakh