World Environment Day

Activity: World Environment Day
Date: June 5, 2018
Location: Leh Main Market
Participants: Approximately 500
Facilitator(s): Dr Nordan Otzer

  1. Objective: To spread awareness about the menace of plastic waste and the need to conserve our environment for posterity
  2. Summary Agenda: Time Activity PiC 4:30 PM Welcome Speech Dr Nordan 4:45 PM Skit Sonam Sopari 5:10 PM Speech Tsetan Angchuk, ALTOA 5:25 PM Dance performance Art in Motion 5:35 PM Speech Dr Jigmet Yangchan, SKUAST 6:00 PM Song- Amai Nyingstam (mother’s Plight) Sonam Sopari 6:10 PM Speech by Chief Guest Tsering Sangdup, Executive Councillor Tourism LAHDC 6;30 PM Dance Performance Art In Motion
  3. Summary of Results:
     The topic for this year’s World Environment Day was Best Plastic Pollution
     Dr Nordan: There is scarcity of water in Leh and the increase in flush toilets have increased the risk of contamination of water due to seepage of water from soak pits into the groundwater.
     Leh produce about 14 tonnes of solid waste in a day. There is an urgent need to cut down on the usage of plastic
     Tsetan Angchuk: The tour operators in Leh have launched a campaign to keep the environment clean. They will clean plastic waste from the Stok Kangri base camp under Swachh Bharat Abhiyan in collaboration with the Government of India.
     Dr Jigmet Yangchan: My mission is to conserve the Indus River and have been fighting for the cause for the last four years. The majority of residents from Leh area draw 74% of

drinking water from the Indus River. Steps must be taken to preserve this precious source of drinking water for the public.
Tsering Sangdup, EC Tourism: I appeal to the general public not to raise fingers at the government as we have been making lots of efforts to find a solution for solid waste. The people of Leh should come together and work for a clean and plastic-free environment. Rs 12 crore, which has been amassed from the environment fee levied upon the tourists, will be spent on a project which is beneficial for the people of Leh.