Rammed Earth Workshop

Activity: Rammed Earth Workshop

Date: July 9-11
Location: LEDeG Office premises in karzoo
Participants: 13

Facilitator(s): Architect Sandeep Bogadhi

  1. Objective: To spread awareness about the vernacular construction techniques and sustainable architecture among the participants
  2. Summary Agenda:
    Day 1: Morning session: Welcome speech, Presentation on Earthen Architecture by Architect Sandeep Bogadhi; Post-lunch session: Participants divided into four groups of 5 people, discussion over a design on rammed earth wall and also the formwork for the wall, analysis of soil samples through sedimentation test by mixing soil samples in different jars to calculate the amount of sand, silt, clay and organic matter in the soil which could be used later for preparation of mixture for the rammed earth
    Day 2: Construction of the rammed earth wall at the main gate of LEDeG Office. They prepared a mixture which comprised 1/10th cement and 9/10th soil. The mixture was then put in a formwork and with a wooden rammer the ramming process began.
    Day 3: The formwork of the wall was opened. It was inaugurated by Lobzang Tsering, Working Committee Member of LEDeG. The participants were awarded Certificate of Participation
  3. Summary of Results:
    1. Rammed Earth Wall erected
    2. Through analysis of the soil, the best quality soil in Ladakh was determined
    3. The participants were taught the right balance of soil, cement, fodder and water to get the perfect mixture of mud
  4. Challenges / Issues: Labor intensive, to find the perfect soil mixture for the rammed earth structure,