First Steering Committee

Activity: First meeting of the Steering Committee Date: August 13, 2018 Location: DC Office Meeting Hall Participants: 6 (six)

Facilitator(s): Avny Lavasa, Deputy Commissioner Leh

  1. Objective: To get an overview of the project, to draft terms of reference and initiate work with the consensus of the members
  2. Summary Agenda:

Time Activity PiC Remarks 2:30 PM Project Update Ruchi Mathur 2:50 PM Terms of Reference Ruchi Mathur 3:10 PM Brainstorming/Discussion

  1. Summary of Results:
    Suggestions for terms of reference (ToR)
     Town hall meeting on water issues in Leh to be conducted jointly by LEDeG and Municipal Committee Leh; Nawang Rigzin Jora, MLA Leh, to be the guest
     DC Avny Lavasa: Zero in on outcomes, list down possible po
    ints that the audience will throw at us, then work on it and respond accordingly
     Stakeholders such as gobas, members of hotels and guest house association, Leh phudo representatives to attend the town hall meeting
     District Administration was also planning to hold such a meeting in the last week of August. The tentative dates are August 29 or 31, or in the first week of September
     DC Avny Lavasa: Need to revise Master Plan of Leh town
     Dr Nordan: Ex-Mayor of Shimla coming as an expert on August 19 to Leh as he has worked on the Master Plan of Shimla; the Strategic Planning Committee will prepare a draft and submit to the CEC and DC.
     Avny Lavasa: Whatever work we do or carry, it has to serve a purpose
     Dr Nordan: We will interview the Ex-Mayor and capture it on video and then submit to the Steering Committee members
     DC Avny Lavasa: Need to find interim solutions to the problems, such as traffic and building violations, because the Master Plan will take more than two years
     DC Avny Lavasa: Give plans on which the Administration can take immediate action as the District Administrations are the executioners. We have taken decisions which are viable, such as issuing notice to hotels owners to build parking area on the ground floor of the hotels  Dr Nordan: If the administration needs help in designing any structure, then LEDeG will help, but the request seeking help has to come through the Steering Committee and not directly  Help in Making a DPR
     There should be a workshop on project management skills, budgeting, etc
     Dr Nordan: LEDeG to conduct six workshops, we can conduct a workshop anytime the administration would like
     DC Avny Lavasa: Conduct the workshop any time after October
     There should be a workshop on fundamentals of engineering for people with non-engineer background, so that the bureaucrats are acquaint with the engineering terms
     DC Anvy Lavasa requested not to propose names for senior leadership training programme due to complicity. The DC Office will recommend names for the training
     ADC Moses Kunzang: Get overall perspective of work being done by individual organisations and then supplement them for avoiding duplicity and for smooth work
     DC Avny Lavasa: Important to understand the purpose of the meeting
     Dr Nordan: 1) to fit the activities in the Plan of operation (POO), 2) to maintain transparency
     The work on toilets at Zangsti and Bus Stand to be completed by Spetemberend, and officials from European Union to visit Leh and officially launch the project
     DC office to propose names of 60 persons for future leadership training
     Personal coaching for Municipal Committee Leh workers
     There is scope of solid waste management as per the log-frame in the Liveable Leh project. There is a provision and budget to invite/call expert who can help in making the DPR
     DC Avny Lavasa: Need to refine the trial and error projects
     Need to understand how to recycle or reuse the waste collected from market, households; check what kind of waste is collected and then find ways to reuse or recycle it in a local manner
     Upscale the segregation centre to other areas. Plan to open segregation centre in Kharu
     Dr Nordan: If the district administration needs helps on their website or social media accounts then LEDeG will help, but the norms set by NIC an impediment
     Proposals/Suggestions: Make filters mandatory in hotels/guest houses to minimize the use of packaged bottled water
     Send letter to Maggi/ Bisleri from the DC Office asking them to take back used packets, bottles
     Rigzin Spalgon: Get figures of the supply of packaged food such as maggi and bottled water from the distributors in Leh
     DC Avny Lavasa: Primary focus should be the workshop/town hall meeting on water
     Rejuvenation of old ponds in Leh town, revive the Churpon system, but there is need to address both visible and invisible water systems in Leh
     Dr Zahida Bano: Let the streams flow, it will recharge the groundwater
     Revive the Chutirentak pond