Watermelon/Muskmelon trail Project in Charasa Village supported by Future Earth


Under the guidance and support of Defence Instituted of High Altitude Research Centre (DIHAR) and supported by Future Earth, a production of watermelon variety (Bejo Sheetal) & muskmelon seedlings were distributed on trial basis with few interested farmers of Charasa village. The main objective of seedlings distribution is to raise a new variety of fruit (cash crop) in Nubra Valley of Ladakh. The seedlings will be experimented with mulching technology in the villages as suggested by the expert as it gives better quality and quantity.

Additionally, the mulching technology saves water, weeds etc.


Project Interventions


Watermelon is a warm season crop and its global consumption is greater than that of any cucurbit. The increasing popularity and market share of watermelon attracting farming in to growing this fruit type. Keeping in view the response and high yield, LEDeG Agriculture unit distributed 280 seedlings with 12’x10’ Mulching for 8 households. Different method like open field and mulching technology were applied and promoted with farmers, who were trained on the different aspects of melon farming.


As per our past report a single fruit yield was 9Kg (maximum) and an average is 3.5 kg/fruit. Total mature time for Watermelon is 110 days from the date of transplantation of seedlings.

We anticipate that such New and researched product can increase the source of Income of villager and it will also give reason for better farming practices in the village.