What We Do

The Ladakh Ecological Development Group (LEDeG) is a grassroots organization that has been working in the region since 1983 towards a vision of a sustainable future for Ladakh that is built on its culture and environment. Our mission is to demonstrate ecologically sound development models and to advocate regionally appropriate development policies. For close to three decades, we have been working towards bettering the lives and livelihoods of the rural communities living in the remote villages of Ladakh and also trying to influence development policies at the regional level.

Areas of intervention
Agriculture and
Food Processing
Handicrafts Rural Building

Our current thrust areas are Renewable Energy, Livelihoods and Urban Environmental Issues. Some of our ongoing projects include Installation of community based Micro-Hydro Power Units and Solar Photo-Voltaic Power Plants, Passive Solar Housing, Promotion of Solar Devices and appropriate technologies, Income Generation Projects with women’s SHGs on Handicrafts and Food Processing and Projects around urban environmental issues such as Promoting Sustainable Use and Management of Groundwater in Leh town and urban water health.

We are also in the process of designing some other exciting projects such as Solid Waste Management, Youth and Environment, Sustainable Agriculture, Climate Change and the like.

To understand our work better, it may be useful to have an overview of the various projects we have undertaken in the past and also those which are underway.

Projects we are working on currently:

  • Micro-hydro projects and hydrams
  • Solid waste management
  • Solar power plants for remote communities
  • Studies on ground water management and climate change
  • Rehabilitation after 2010 floods in Ladakh
  • Glacial lake survey/ investigation of glacial lake outbursts
  • Health and socio-economic status at high altitudes.
  • Documentation of cultural events and social practices in Ladakh.

Projects which are underway:

Projects we have completely successfully in the past:

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