Micro Hydro Power Units

A Micro Hydro Power Unit (MHPU) is a simple technology used to generate electricity using water from the available streams fed by the melting snow. The technology is very feasible to use in Ladakh where almost all the villages and hamlets are situated near such water streams. The capacity of MHPUs installed by LEDeG varies from 5kW to 30kW, which depends on the minimum power requirements of the consumers and the potential of the source. LEDeG, in cooperation with Dan Church Aid (DCA), Denmark, and Bremen Overseas Research and Development Association(BORDA), Germany, have installed more than 56 MHPUs in the remote villages of Ladakh since 1989. LEDeG has been successful in installing 62 MHPUs (5kW- 15kW) providing electricity to the remote corners of Ladakh.

Schematic map for micro hydro unitSchematic map for micro hydro unit
Advantages of Micro Hydro Power Units in Mountains

  • Dependence on centralised electric distribution significantly reduced
  • Small project size ensures less hazard to environment
  • No need to construct big dam sites and resultant relocation of people
  • Minimal maintenance required, therefore, less dependence on external technicians
  • Locally available resources optimally used
  • Community mobilized and sensitized for income generation activities

Photos of activity:

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