Compost Pits

LEDeG’s Agriculture team has been actively involved in promoting the use of organic manures and bio-fertilisers in Ladakh to avoid the over usage of chemical fertilisers, which is both detrimental to environment as well as unhealthy. Also, increase in the cost of production has led the agriculture team to promote the use of locally available biomass in the form of organic manure which has been suitable for a region like Ladakh. The group has also been encouraging the use of non-conventional sources of energy for heating and cooking, diverting cow-dung and agricultural waste from village hearths to village fields. This is an area that needs immediate intervention which LEDeG took as an integrative development approach.

In the year 2006-07, seven advanced farmers were involved in the construction of compost pits in different villages of the Leh district. It is assumed that other farmers will employ the use of locally available biomass for fertilising their agricultural fields in the near future realising the benefits through the experience of others.

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