LEDeG representatives attend Future Earth Asia regional assembly

Two representatives from Ladakh Ecological Development Group- Dr Nordan Otzer, executive director, and Stanzin Chonjor, coordinator of agriculture team, participated in the three-day Future Earth Asia Regional Assembly at The YWCA International Centre in Mumbai from November 26 to 28.

The objective of the regional assembly was to review the ongoing and upcoming projects of various organizations that are working closely with Future Earth. Also, the assembly focused on strengthening the network of various NGOs and also highlight the participation and contribution to the network.

Sangeeta and Kunal from Srushtidnyan inaugurated the opening session and welcomed the participants. It was followed by an introduction round to help the participants become familiar with each other.

Post-lunch, the participants gave a presentation on the activities carried out by the organisation and also the outcomes of those activities. Once the presentations were over, the participants discussed about a common project activity of each organisation. There was also a question and answer session. The participants then reviewed the decisions made during the previous assembly meeting. There was also a discussion to strengthen the network.

There was a review session on reporting and auditing of the activities carried out by the various organisations in 2017. New instructions for auditing for the current year was incorporated into the meeting and changes were suggested by the participants. The participants also discussed their plans for the upcoming year and also confirmed the continuation of ‘Friend Group projects’ from 2019 to 2021. Keeping in view the planning for future endeavours, the budget for the future projects were also handed out.

Post-lunch, there was a session on building capacity of the network and review of capacity building in concerned areas as discussed last year during the Regional Assembly. There was also discussion among the participants to focus safety guidelines issued by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) and also follow up with all the Future Earth members of Participatory Guarantee Systems Organic Council (PGSOC).

The concluding session of the second day was a programme for volunteers. The participants stressed the importance and benefits of volunteers. Later, representatives from organisations gave a presentation to the volunteers and also shared their experiences with them. Later, the participants discussed about the best methods to develop volunteer programmes and utilising volunteers in the best possible way.

The overall performance of the regional climate group (RCG) was reviewed on the last day of the assembly. The participants also gave their feedback. An election was also held to elect new members. The participants also decided to delegate responsibility and follow the timeline of action plans. The participants also visited the Meteorology Department at Colaba.