Ecological Sanitation Workshop

Ladakh Ecological Development Group (LEDeG), in collaboration with Eco-Solutions, organised the workshop entitled “Ecological Sanitation” to encourage use of eco-friendly toilets in Ladakh. Students, agronomists, engineers, public health workers, guest house owners, property builders, water and sanitation engineers, and environmentalists were invited to participate in the workshop, which took place in Leh, Ladakh on 11 May 2006. Paul Calvert, the Director of Eco Solutions, and Veena M., the course coordinator, presented the half day workshop, at LEDeG’s Karzoo Centre.

The aim of LEDeG’s Eco-solutions workshop was to educate both the urban and rural residents of Ladakh about the harmful and wasteful effects of conventional ‘water flush’ toilets, and the advantages of the eco-pan system.

The use and importance of Eco-Friendly Compost Toilets, or eco-pans was explained. The lecture was followed by a demonstration of the eco-pan installed at the Centre. At the conclusion of the workshop, participants were invited to complete feedback forms on their impressions of eco-pan technology.